Melinda Brown

All Creatures Photography

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Dedicated to excellence in portraits I create for each client the imagery that speaks to them of the personality and relationships they hold with their animals. 

In product advertising I often use the tools of editing software to combining the emotive with the details of expert editing  striving to show the best selling points.

I received my commercial photography education and experience in Boston from New England School of Photography and at the side of legendary photographer Lou Goodman on campaigns for Hasbro Toys, Acushnet ( Footjoy), Striderite, Puma, Cole Hann, Dunkin Donuts to name a few. 

My formal art education includes a BS in Graphic Design from Iowa State University as well as a degree in fine arts with emphasis in pencil studies.

I have been an artist since the age I could hold a crayon, about the same time I met my first horse. I have never met one that did not like me. The feelings are mutual and I am blessed to have many equine friends. Each one is special. My drive is to capture that for my clients.

I continue to ride over fences at the age of 60. 

Melinda Brown