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Does your product image demonstrate its best selling qualities with an evocative image?

Southern States mock up

Triple Threat Assets For Effective Advertising

Your equine products need images that combine great equine product and portrait images with the knowledge and ability to capture and direct focus to your message.


Lose your message in confusing visuals and it leads directly to lower sales.

You need a triple threat approach to reach to your goals.

1. outstanding images that enhance the consumer message and never losses sight of the product.

2. award winning experience in advertising product photography and equine photography

3. outstanding editing abilities in composite, background replacement, color and textural modifications and blending to create           distinctive images

Whether it is an image that is ready for licensing, or a concept you wish to execute, working with All Creatures Photography will create images that stand out and grab your customers attention.


Call for a consult regarding your licensing needs or future projects. 

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2015 Winner AHP Media Awards Freelance Website.

2016 Finalist AHP Media Awards Editorial Photographic 

2017 Finalist AHP Media Awards Editorial Photograph

Photo Expo - NYC

Equi-kids Stall Ball 2014, 15, 16, 17, 18

VHSA - 2017 commemorative poster

VBHSA - Cooler Show Cover 2017

Whether your products need a campaign image or are for point of purchase  the ability to not lose the purpose of the advertisement, capture the image, and edit to the specifications of the Art Director is a skill I can bring to your corporation

 examples presented here are mock ups  

and not intended to state publication or use by the manufacturer

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Melinda Brown

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simple images for point of purchase require several considerations. The backgrounds should be chosen to be pleasing, separate the image from the page, compliment the product. Technical aspect like subtle light and even the background grain needs to match the product itself not detracting. The product to background interface needs to be edited with skill to remove any obvious lines which can ruin the perception of over all quality in your product. A subtle noise level needs to be added to integrate the two images.

The product must show its best qualities. In this case, the patina and thickness of the leather, the stitching and the hardware must be correct in color and represent the exact product the buyer will receive. These qualities need to be understood immediately as the potential customers surf other sights and page through catalogs looking at your competitors products. Its critical to convert that last all important action to buy.

 VHSA Associate Program Cover