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Ms. M

people and their horses‚Äč - 550.00

 Call 757 642-0937 


Ms. M

Ms. A

Melinda Brown

All Creatures Photography

757 642-0937

Ms. A



I want to find out over the two shooting sessions who they are.

I want to go to their favorite places, do their favorite things, find their spirits.

I want to see who they are today, who they were yesterday, and just maybe.....

we will see who they will be. 

 Mrs. G

equine and equine with person sessions -  900.00

add to any equine session a mini session which includes 10 -15 full edited HI res portrait images for you family to keep. this package brings a discount of 100.00 and all the prints and edits from both packages.

Ms. P


Portrait sessions are focused on the the entire person.

Two sessions are arrange with a location for each and change in clothes. Beach, Barn, Woods, Urban, Sport, Arts, any interest can be used with a goal to make some classic portraits but also bring in elements of their other interests and maybe even a little out there fun.

Full sessions are priced at 800.00 and included all the jpg print sized files ranging from 40 to 60 images.